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Known Problems & Solutions


Affected versions: All

Affected DKs: st065 v3.0

Affected OS: All

Summary: When starting Cadence the following error appears "Mandatory Shell Environment Variable opusdbtype is not correctly set." Then a segmentation fault. Fix: Before starting Cadence software set the environment variable opusdbtype to empty string.

    If using tcsh shell, setenv opusdbtype
    If using bash shell, opusdbtype=""; export opusdbtype

Lost in file system

Affected Versions: All

Affected DKs: All

Affected OS: Suse 9.3

Summary: When starting Cadence, the software reports an error message "Lost in file system." The working directory is set to a junk path. Fix: Make sure the directory Cadence is being started from has list (l) permissions for system:anyuser. To do this, run this command in the directory Cadence is being started from.

     fs sa . system:anyuser l
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