Cordless Drill User Trials

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Cordless Drill User Trials


When analyzing the drill, we first decided to try the machine ourselves and see what stood out to us as far as ease of use or functionality. Our first subject was group member Scott.

When observing Scott using the drill, some of the most straightforward observations were the action on the clutch, and the steadiness of the screw while drilling. With the clutch, a significant amount of force was needed to push the button from forward to reverse. More noticeable was the way the screw moved around in the wood before Scott could drive it in, forcing him to use is fingers as a guide to allow the screw to catch. One other minor observation was the battery charger which Scott initially thought to pull off the battery as opposed to sliding off which this charger does.

Scott’s video can be seen here:


Our second trial was with Mark. Mark had fewer problems with the battery and guiding the screw in, probably due to the fact he watched Scott use the drill the first time. The problem Mark seemed to run into though was skipping when driving the screw. He needed to adjust his angle of attack multiple times and pump the trigger rather than use a single drive.

Mark’s video can be seen here:


Tom was our third trial. He did not view either of the first two trials. From the beginning, there were many aspects to the drill’s operation that did not seem intuitive to Tom. Again it seems the fact that is slides as opposed to pulls off was a stumbling block. The next hurdle was the installation of the screw bit. Getting it centered in the chuck took some time. Also, the use of the torque setting was not outright clear. An interesting note however, is that Tom put the screw into an existing hole which kept the screw straight from the onset and let the screw go in easily.

Tom’s Video can be seen here:

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